Further aid arrives in Ukraine

Through tremendous efforts by the Bristol community, the volunteers of the charity and our Ukrainian colleagues, a delivery a week is now making it through to Ukraine. Ukrainians have very efficient distribution centres to deliver aid to where it is most needed and to inform From Bristol With Love of the supplies that are most in short supply as the war progresses. This optimises the efficiency and effectiveness the work that both sides are doing.

These efforts of all contributors to date are being recognised by dignitaries of the South West. Thank you for the huge generosity of everyone who has given.

Delivery 38 Update

Frank and Debbie rendezvoused with our partners in Ukraine. During the dropping temperatures of winter this aid is more critical than ever. Thank you to all the volunteers, Scouts, and Schools that have enabled this to happen.

Abahha, Frank, and Debbie’s impeccable logistics, bringing two nations together.

Debbie and Frank are an awesome team – we wish them safe travels back to the UK.