Delivery 38 Update

Frank and Debbie rendezvoused with our partners in Ukraine. During the dropping temperatures of winter this aid is more critical than ever. Thank you to all the volunteers, Scouts, and Schools that have enabled this to happen.

Abahha, Frank, and Debbie’s impeccable logistics, bringing two nations together.

Debbie and Frank are an awesome team – we wish them safe travels back to the UK.

15th Cheltenham Scouts

The scouts from Cheltenham have been working amazingly hard to help the people of Ukraine. The gifts that they have raised are now on the way over to the children of Ukraine. This will make an immeasurable difference to their Christmas. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done; amazing work. May this generousity spread regionally and nationally, you are an inspiration for us all.

JustGiving is up and running

Many thanks for the donations received over the last month. The charity has zero overheads and is run by volunteers, so every penny donated will get to support those in need in Ukraine. In addition to this the government provides 25% in gift aid for every pound is donated and for those who are interested and want to help with future aid deliveries can use the following link: