August 2022 deliveries

Delivery No. 28

Delivery date: 14th August 2022
Delivery type: Overland 
Transporter: MaxiBus Travel Ltd
Overland approximate quantity: 105 boxes
Delivery contents: First aid and a ARC350 BOWA electro-coagulator

We dispatched another 105 boxes of humanitarian aid and among these 105 boxes, a specially marked one contained the Arc-350 blood coagulator apparatus generously donated by BOWA Medical UK.

All these boxes have been sent From Bristol with Love for Ukraine, specifically for Odessa Maternity No 7.

Delivery No. 29

Delivery date: 24th August 2022
Delivery type: Local purchase:
Transporter: Costco Galati, Romania
Local Purchase value/quantity: £2,000/ 55 boxes
Delivery contents: Food, toiletries and domestic cleaning items.

We assigned £2,000 from our funds and purchased almost 500kgs of pasta, tinned meat, cheese, butter, milk, fruit juice, shampoo, soap, washing powder and other items our Ukrainian friends needed. Grateful to our donors for making this donation possible.