December 2023 deliveries

Delivery No. 62

Delivery date: 18 December 2023
Delivery type: Local purchase Romania
Transporter: Iurii Harciuk (Ukraine)
Approximate quantity: 6 Pallets – 1,600 Kgs
Delivery contents: Pasta, canned meats, sweets

Our 62nd delivery of aid consisted of a local purchase of supplies in the Romanian City of Suceava and transfer of it across the near-by border with Ukraine.

Following a successful Ukraine Christmas 2023 Appeal, we fund-raised £4,000 then we split the quantity according to their ask: 50% pasta, 25% canned meats and 25% sweets. These items were loaded onto six pallets, and on the agreed date the Ukrainian van crossed the border, collected it and returned back for distribution.

Many, big thanks to all our Donors who very generously funded this 62nd consignment.

Special thanks to our Romanian and Ukrainian Volunteers who packed it and transported it across the border.

Please support our Charity: we need Donors, Transporters and Volunteers.

Humanity will prevail!