June 2024 Deliveries

Delivery No.70

Delivery date: 1 June 2024
Delivery type: Overland
Transporter: Vlad Sveato and Ivan (Ukraine)
Approximate quantity: 20 boxes / 824 Kgs
Delivery contents: Food

An emergency delivery of food at the asking of our Ukrainian Partners.
They notified us that a regular Ukrainian couriering company will pass through Bristol and, having some spare capacity, offered to transport 20 boxes for us for FREE. We jumped of course at the chance of organising another small delivery, convoked our Volunteers and in a couple of hours we had 20 boxes of food ready for collection.

It so happen that on the same day another team of Volunteers was involved in a food collection event so the 20 boxes of food dispatched in the morning were replicated by lunch time.

It also happen that this courier company was based in Chernovtsy, the very city
where our Ukrainian Partners are based so by 4th June our 70th consignment was already in Ukraine on its way to Donetsk.

We hope to organise more such deliveries if the circumstances allow us.

Humanity will prevail!