November 2023 deliveries

Delivery No. 61

Delivery date: 19 November 2023
Delivery type: Over land
Transporter: Garry Frost and Johnny Kam
Approximate quantity: 1,450 Kgs
Delivery contents: Generators x 8, food, first aid, mobility aids, clothes, camping.

Our 61st delivery of aid took place today 19 November. Two of our most extraordinary humanitarian Transporters Garry Frost and Johnny Kam took advantage of the generous sponsorship secured by Ann Kennard, one of our most active and prolific Fundraisers, and having fundraised themselves undertook another trip across Europe and back.

Their mission, a possible one, for they are at their fourth trip each: to deliver aid and hope to the People of Ukraine.

We were honoured to have in our midst the Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Steve Smith. The Lord Mayor kindly handed to Garry and Johnny their Four Stars Transporter t-shirts and thanked the Donors and Volunteers for their sustained humanitarian work.

The actual loading of the Autolyne van took about an hour after which we waved our Transporters our traditional Godspeed across Europe and back.

Special thanks to Tesco Lime Trees Road for generous support and (again) to Autolyne Van Rental for generous terms and excellent support.

Please support and/or join our Charity: we need Transporters and Volunteers.

Humanity will prevail!

Countries coming together.

A successful visit.

We will be with you forever.

Tally-ho until next time.