October 2022 deliveries

Delivery No.34

Delivery date: 16 October 2022
Delivery type: Overland
Transporter: Chris Crowther and Razvan Constantinescu
Consignment quantity: 135 boxes
Delivery contents: First aid, Generators, Camping

Another well planned over land delivery, this time by Charity Director and Board Member, setting up a new corridor Bristol Oradea Suceava Chernovtsy. Drove all through the night eager to deliver our precious cargo as soon as possible.

We met the new Ukrainian Partners, exchanged notes, hopes, plans and hugs!

Delivery No.35

Delivery date: 18 October 2022
Delivery type: Local purchase delivery
Transporter: Costco Oradea
Consignment quantity: 125 boxes
Delivery contents: Food

Whilst in Oradea we organised another delivery of aid by purchasing four large pallets of food, the equivalent of 125 boxes.

We negotiated a good price; we help our Ukrainian friends load up a second van and were happy to see their smiles. We assured them that We’ll be Back!

Delivery No.36

Delivery date: 26 October 2022
Delivery type: Local purchase delivery
Transporter: Costco Galati
Consignment quantity: 100 boxes equivalent
Delivery contents: Generators, sleeping bags, socks, chainsaws, thermal underwear, fleece jackets.

A new local purchase in Costco Galati our most valuable consignment thus far. Our friends crossed the border into Romania and in less than an hour, all this valuable cargo was all loaded up and on its way back across the border with Ukraine.