Pan-European Love for Ukraine

In 2013 a compassionate couple from Romania now living in Bristol in their spare time setup a charity dedicated to supporting children in Romanian orphanages. They continue to support those most disadvantaged in Romania.

However, since the 24th February 2022 the focus of their efforts has moved to support the people of Ukraine. Ten million people have been displaced, many of them to Romania but also to Poland, Germany, and the Baltic states.

This is a humanitarian catastrophe and it is the duty of all free people across Europe to support them in a plight which has been foisted upon them by a wayward dictator.

From Bristol With Love, along with the support of the people of Bristol will keep providing aid for as long as the conflict continues. This is our story and we very much hope others will join us on out journey to help those displaced.

Humanity will prevail!

For those interested in our previous work in Romania can see for themselves what we did.